Age: 28

Height: 160cm

Weight:  off-season 65-66kg, competition under 63kg

Achievements: 4th place Worlds Classic Powerlifting championship (IPF) in 2018, 1st place Worlds Classic Powerlifting championship (IPF) in 2017, 1sh place Europe Classic Powerlifting championship (RAW)  in 2017 and 2015, 2nd place on European & World classic powerlifting championship, 14th place European weightlifting championship in 2017, 10th place on Academic Weightlifting Championships in 2016, Champion of Czech republic in weightlifting in 2016

Personal records: Squat – 175kg, Bench press – 95kg, Deadlift – 215kg (All RAW)

Favourite food: Ice cream (mostly poppy), Beef cheeks on red wine

Favourite SBD product: Knee sleeves and belt

Future goals: To win the title of world champion, to set at least one world record, to break the Slovak record in the Snatch and in the market, to place at least 8th place in the European Championship in weightlifting, train with brain 🙂

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